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About the International Counseling Service (ICS)

Established in 1979, ICS is a multidisciplinary professional association, composed of mental health practitioners, including clinical and counseling psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists, offering services to the international and English-speaking community in Paris. Members of ICS are specialists in expatriate issues and in global living challenges. Referrals for counseling are provided to individuals, including children, adolescents and adults, as well as to couples, families and groups. Our goal is to facilitate access for English speakers to appropriate and high quality mental health and counseling services in the Paris region.

Being a non-profit association, ICS provides free-of-charge initial consultation. For individuals, this involves an initial meeting with one of our members in order to better assess and understand the situation, and provide the groundwork for subsequent therapy, counseling, assistance or evaluation. For couples, families and for educational assessment, this initial free consultation may be conducted on the phone. ICS works closely with the French community of English speaking mental health professionals, hospitals, schools, medical practitioners and other professionals.

ICS members are all fully qualified and licensed mental health professionals, with up to date professional qualifications and extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise. All are native English speakers and most are bilingual. The ICS team specializes in a variety of therapy and psychological practices including;

Cognitive behavioral therapies Interpersonal psychotherapies
Couple and Family therapies Parent guidance
Group psychotherapy Mindfulness based therapies
Psycho-educational evaluations and
help with school issues
Psychoanalysis and
Psychodynamic psychotherapies



Always maintaining high professional standards via:

  • Continued training & education
  • Strict privacy & confidentiality
  • Adherence to ethical guidelines, and
  • Duty to public service

ICS Mission and Values

At ICS we believe that little matters more than your wellbeing and psychological health. We know that living in a foreign culture can sometimes challenge our psychological resources.

Our mission is to provide easier access to resources and professional guidance to English speakers in Paris. We aim to support emotional and mental wellbeing and improve psychological health.