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Attention Disorders / ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common diagnosis for children, with a worldwide prevalence estimated at 5.29 percent of children and adolescents.
A very active child or a kid who tends to daydream is not necessarily suffering from this syndrome. To warrant this diagnosis, the child must have a very pronounced difficulty with sustained attention, impulse control and activity level, compared to his or her peers. These difficulties must interfere with his or her life and learning ability to a significant degree. The symptoms need to have been present since before the age of twelve.
There are three basic "presentations" of this disorder. In the primarily inattentive presentation, children have great difficulty keeping their attention focused for a time and a level thought to be typical for their age. These children are often seen as dreamy or "lost in space." They may have difficulty paying attention in class and completing homework, following through on assignments or activities, and organizing and structuring work or other tasks.They are often forgetful, lose things and are easily distracted.
The primarily hyperactive/impulsive presentation is when a child has great difficulty sitting still or has a level of physical activity that is thought to be significantly greater than the norm. This child is often seen as "bouncing of the walls," fidgets excessively, has great trouble waiting his turn, talks excessively, blurts out answers, interrupts conversations and is often seen as disruptive.
The third presentation, combined, is considered when a child has trouble with both attention and in controlling hyperactivity/impulsivity.
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