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Childhood & Adolescence problems

Children and teenagers, just like their parents, can suffer from psychological and psychiatric difficulties. Ordinarily well-functioning children may also have problems adjusting to an international move, to their new school, or to their new social world. Children can experience "internalizing" difficulties such as anxiety, depression or eating disorders, although these difficulties sometimes manifest themselves somewhat differently at young ages than they do in adults. They may also have "externalizing problems", such as opposition, conduct issues or ADHD. Young children may also get dysregulated in sleeping patterns or in toileting. They may have problems in their relationships with others or in their development. They may be experiencing difficulties in school with academics or with their peers. Psychological evaluation and psychotherapy, with someone trained in child psychology and development can be very useful for these children or adolescents and their parents. Early intervention is important for children, so if there are concerns, you should not hesitate to seek a consultation.

Speak to us directly. Free-of-charge, confidential initial counseling consultation.
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