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community support

Supporting the Parisian English speaking community with social action and community interventions

As an integral part of our role as a non-profit association of mental health counselors and as part of our professional duty, we at ICS are very attuned and aware of the part we play in the community. We stay available and participate actively in community initiatives.

This includes participating in community events, participating in and organizing educational events, creating and hosting professional workshops and seminars for the larger professional community, and facilitating professional networking opportunities. We are always looking for ways in which our expertise can be helpful to different parts of the English speaking community, and are happy to create interventions as the need arises.

ICS always strives to be available to our community during times of crisis, and is available to support individuals and institutions in the wake of any community or international emergency. This includes offering counseling consultation where needed, as well as more active support for organizations and institutions such as embassies, religious/cultural communities, clubs, schools and private companies. In times of crisis, professional support can be vital in bringing about better and faster stabilization and order within the community.

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Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with us directly to better learn about our social and community support, contact us