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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Workshop 2014
Understanding & using DBT in clinical practice.

One day workshop took place on “Dialectical Behaviour Therapy” led by Christine Dunkley.

Workshop took place on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) at the Groupe Intervention Innovation in Paris.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

DBT is an evidence-based therapy that began as a treatment for borderline personality disorder. Over the past 15 years DBT has been expanded to treat other problems such as substance misuse, eating disorders and offending behaviours. The delivery of DBT is complex and this workshop will explain the underlying theory and structure of treatment.

One of the formulations in DBT is that problems arise as a result of the client’s inability to regulate emotion, so the workshop will also introduce some of the techniques that originate in DBT but can be woven into individual therapy to counteract this problem. These will be emotion regulation and mindfulness skills.

The workshop will be experiential and the presenter will demonstrate the techniques in role play and exercises.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in knowing more about DBT and might utilise some of the techniques and also for people who may eventually go onto more formal training.

About the presenter

Christine Dunkley is a consultant psychological therapist and national trainer in DBT in the UK and Ireland. She is chair of the Society for DBT and co-producer of the DVD series ‘Core Concepts of DBT’. She is the author of ‘Teaching Clients to use Mindfulness Skills’, Routledge 2014. She also has a degree in social work and was a medical social worker.