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Counseling in Paris
The gold standard for therapy in Paris. Serving the English speaking community since 1979. Initial free consultation.
Professional Therapists
The ICS is an association of bilingual mental health professionals. Members have the highest degree in their fields. Offices throughout Paris.
Community Support
As a non-profit association, ICS provides support/assistance for professionals, international organizations and institutions.

We support English speaking mental health professionals by providing networking and training opportunities

Speak to someone who can understand and assess your needs - Evaluation for individuals of all ages, couples and groups

We are actively involved in Parisian English speaking community through seminars, forums and crisis intervention


Founded in 1979, ICS is a non-profit association composed of fully qualified clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. Members of ICS are specialists in expatriate issues and in global living challenges. The association provides free-of-charge initial evaluations for English-speaking individuals throughout Paris. Referrrals for Counseling services are provided to individuals - children, adolescents, adults - as well as to couples, families and groups. ICS also provides assistance, support and networking opportunities to other mental health professionals, and is actively involved in Anglophone community initiatives in Paris. more

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